Solstício 2016 (Magnum) Red

In 2009, the journalist and wine critic João Afonso, arrived at the Portalegre region with the intention of collecting old vine stocks and replant them in a different location. Instead, he decided to leave the ancient vine as they were, and bought the land, in order to recreate the old methods and traditional production techniques, emphasized by the absence of chemicals, the characteristic mix of castes and the minimal wine-making processes. There are some of the reasons that makes Cabeças do Reguengo one of the most interesting viticulture laboratory of the Alto Alentejo’s legacy.
Winemaking Process 
Whole bunches of grapes (80% stems) were foot treaded in a cement tank, called lagar. The wine fermented with indigenous yeast during 10 days. Than it was racked to old 500 litres French oak casks to age during almost two years. Bottled in August 23th 2018 with a total of 1.737 bottles (75cl), and 106 magnuns (1,5 L). 
Vine Training: goblet, bush vines 
Viticulture: organic 
Height: 550 to 590 meters 
Harvest Day: September 10th, 2016 
Method of harvest: manual 
Fermentation: lagar 
Malolactic: barrels  
Total Acidity: 5.9 g/dm3 
Volatile Acidity: 0.89 g/dm3 
Sugar Totals: 0,4 g/dm3 
Sulphur Dioxide Total: 60 mg/dm3 
PH 3.69 


Icon the winery 91385a8ea6cf09ebc7bf5483fb7d2dba15156b77792e8cade751b89f88524702 The Winery: Cabeças do Reguengo
Brand: Solstício
Region: Alentejo
Type: Red
Vintage: 2016
Alcoholic Level: 12,8%
Icon grape varieties 5ef67bbf41e70ce6f009a73f51b8414b6eebc116dc4d59a69449b92366601093 Grape Varieties: Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira, Aragonez, Castelão, Tinta de Olho Branco, Grand Noir, Moreto, Tinta Grossa, Corropio, Tinta Francesa, Tinta Carvalha, Moscatel Preto
Format: Magnum (1.5l)
Vineyard name: Quinta das Cabeças
Terroir: Granite (Ordovícico)
Icon nose 176020a5140d2499a7f0e61d28ba9873d09e3af9dca561aeb6a91b357f650e5b Nose: An exotic and complex aroma. The elegant notes of pinaceous resins along with a balsamic vegetable and hints of pepper, nutmeg and cloves. The fruit is red, fresh and ripe.
Icon mouth fe9befcc324311cf7cf9e740b28462659874ebbdc4882ef64971fe9b95382c5e Mouth: The tannins are true background runners, powerful, light, very robust and tasty, they give a magic support to the fantastic fruit that leaves a long and drawn finish that washes the mouth.
Bottling Date: August 23th, 2018