Quinta de Ventozelo MCS Viosinho 2017 (Magnum) White

Quinta do Ventozelo, in Ervedosa do Douro, São João da Pesqueira, is colossal by its lenght, being one of the biggest estates in the entire region. Circa 400 hectares, opposing the traditional, endless small estates that characterize the Douro. The area of Quinta do Ventozelo is the same as it was 500 years ago. The effects of heritage and common inheritance in the region, and not just, that have been fractioned and splitting properties, did not seem to pass in there.
The grapes were chosen by optical sorting at the entrance to the cellar, in order to use only the perfect berries. These were then refrigerated, destemmed and pressed in an inert environment. Subsequent cold decanting and fermentation took place at a temperature of 16ºC. The final batch was selected by Chef Miguel Castro e Silva. After the period in stainless steel, it had an extended stage of 2 years in the bottle.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Total Acidity: 5.4 g/l (tartaric acid)
pH: 3.18
Residual Sugars: <0.6 g/l


Icon the winery 91385a8ea6cf09ebc7bf5483fb7d2dba15156b77792e8cade751b89f88524702 The Winery: Quinta de Ventozelo
Brand: Viosinho
Region: Douro
Type: White
Vintage: 2017
Alcoholic Level: 13,5%
Icon grape varieties 5ef67bbf41e70ce6f009a73f51b8414b6eebc116dc4d59a69449b92366601093 Grape Varieties: 90% Viosinho, 10% Malvasia Fina
Icon winemaker e032a2e97335c334d3c23f51d0329f31645cae5160a0a302d3072c2fb70c059e Winemaker: José Manuel Sousa Soares
Format: 75cl
Icon harvest dd3c3e9cc97aa103e709cbfb7ca7f13a8d0a589af788b9e71e1dc0fb3e5e2548 Harvest: Mostly 20-year-old vines from Casta Viosinho. Bilateral cord conduction and bead pruning.
Icon vinification 04b1039b65d015475e46d973b078067833b1fdb94cfc2b203336179178e779aa Vinification: Fresh citrus aroma, with floral notes complex, as is characteristic of the Viosinho variety.
Colour: It presents a pale color, with greenish nuances.
Icon nose 176020a5140d2499a7f0e61d28ba9873d09e3af9dca561aeb6a91b357f650e5b Nose: Fresh citrus aroma, with floral notes complex, as is characteristic of the Viosinho variety.
Icon mouth fe9befcc324311cf7cf9e740b28462659874ebbdc4882ef64971fe9b95382c5e Mouth: In the tasting, the vibrant acidity and intense minerality are elegantly combined, revealing a long, balanced and slightly fruity finish.
Consumption: It can be stored closed, under suitable conditions, for 10 years without losing quality.
Goes well with: It goes very well with fish dishes, dishes with expressive acidity such as ceviche, or even light meat.
Serving Temperature: 10-12ºC