Remexido Red

Stalk 80% and 20 days in stainless steel tanks maceration. Alcoholic fermentation with controlled temperature and two daily repisas. post-fermentation maceration prolonged cuvaison and malolactic fermentation. Stage 18 months in new French oak casks. Coarse filtration.

Analytical control:
Total acidity: 6.81 g / l
pH: 3.66


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Icon the winery 91385a8ea6cf09ebc7bf5483fb7d2dba15156b77792e8cade751b89f88524702 The Winery: Barranco Longo
Brand: Barranco Longo
Region: Algarve
Type: Red
Alcoholic Level: 14% Vol.
Icon grape varieties 5ef67bbf41e70ce6f009a73f51b8414b6eebc116dc4d59a69449b92366601093 Grape Varieties: Alicante Bouschet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Nacional, Syrah
Icon winemaker e032a2e97335c334d3c23f51d0329f31645cae5160a0a302d3072c2fb70c059e Winemaker: Rui Virgínia, Patrícia Piassab
Format: 75cl
Colour: Black plum
Icon nose 176020a5140d2499a7f0e61d28ba9873d09e3af9dca561aeb6a91b357f650e5b Nose: Ripe fruit with black plums and wild berries.
Icon mouth fe9befcc324311cf7cf9e740b28462659874ebbdc4882ef64971fe9b95382c5e Mouth: Light toasted notes and fine spices. Wine excellence and vigor. Warm, elegant and velvety tannins, firm and very long. Large wooden very discreet quality and perfectly integrated.
Serving Temperature: 16-18ºC
Consumption: It should be kept in cool, dark lovcal horizontally. May submit deposit at the bottom of the bottle, it should be served at 16-18ºC. Once opened, it is advisable to use the same day.
Goes well with: Lamb roasted in the oven and chicken cabidela with potatoes.