Herdade do Rocim

Vidigueira. From the amphitheater on the top floor of the cellar, the gentle slopes overlap as far as the eye can see. The dividing lines are discovered by the curvatures of the hills, lines made of trees, with floating lines of upright vines. The sound of the water from the waterfall in the courtyard, peace, the musical orchestration of the countryside, the light that illuminates and warms our faces, makes us cling to the chair in contemplation. It is in this cellar, factory, made of many spaces, areas for people, places for culture, also sacred, intimate spaces, reserved for the fine tuning of wines, the authentic jewels and gems. Everything is well camouflaged in the landscape, hidden by the mud walls, of pure Alentejo art, which, among other attributes, allows thermal stability for the conservation of wines. After all, we are in the hot Alentejo. But this Alentejo do Rocim is special. Is different! This framed photograph has a story. It has stories and plots.


Herdade do Rocim
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