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Gastronomy is a discipline that covers culinary, drinks, the utensils used on our diets and, in a general way, all cultural aspects associated with it. A gastronome (gourmet, in french) is certainly someone who cares about the refinement of a diet, including not only the way the food, wine is also considered a food, is prepared, where It comes from, but also how they are displayed, or served.

The pleasure of being at the table is one of the most important factors of life, after the surviving “diet”. Gastronomy was born out of that pleasure and built itself as the art of cooking, connecting food in order to extract the maximum benefit out of it. An ancient culture, the gastronomy was one of the foundations of several political and social transformations. The diet has passed through several stages along the human development, evolution from the hunter nomad to the sedentary man, when this last one found the importance of agriculture and the animal domestication. This pleasure, this art, motivated writings, inspired genius, it made worlds known.


The pairing between wine and food.

Despite the fact most people have a life full of experiences related with the characteristics of food and their taste, the majority does not regularly relish the relation of a wine with a meal, on the perspective of pairing. And, it makes sense! Both have always been available to contribute on a certain culture diet. They have always been there, but with different functions. But today, with a more globalized society, with a refined curiosity, the search for extracting pleasure out of the combination between both is a reality.

In addition to nurture, to link wine with food is to exalt a sensory pleasure that feeds the need beyond the stomach. The main goal of the methodologies of pairing wine and food is to develop skills that allow to identify and characterize the key elements on the food and the wine that will cause an immediate impact on their relation and interaction.

What determines a bigger or lesser success of that kind of pairing is merely some study, sensitivity, curiosity and practice. To accumulate the maximum number of possible experiences. The harmony between wine and food may be approached in a variety of ways and perspectives, depending on its associated culture and gastronomy, on the spirit of a determined moment, on the context, etc.

A good pairing is an interpretation made, through its senses, where the acquired sensorial capacity leads to make comparisons with references that it already has and that leads to reaching a certain conclusion. The main goal of the pairing is BALANCE. Among the feelings of the wine and food. It is necessary to understand the messages that the products, the confections and the context, provide. There is no perfect static harmony. There are some that work a little better and others that do not. But all of them can assure everyone's pleasure!

Pairings can be considered in a variety of ways: Technical, Empirical, Traditional, Comfortable, emotional input Psycho-physiological.

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