Wine Enthusiast - WE

Wine Enthusiast Companies is a prominent multichannel marketer of a growing line of products that satisfy, inform, enrich, entertain and inspire. WE addresses the wholesale, retail and consumer-direct markets and are headquartered just 30 minutes outside of Manhattan, in relaxed Valhalla, NY.

Founded in 1979, Wine Enthusiast Companies is the world’s number one source for wine accessories, storage, information, education, events and travel, and is a driving force in the marketplace. Over the last 30 years, this multifaceted business has thrived along with America’s ever-expanding enchantment with wine. Started as a direct mail business, Wine Enthusiast has published over 300 million catalogs. Today Wine Enthusiast successfully markets via direct mail, multiple internet sites and with its business-to-business division, bringing Wine Enthusiast products into retail stores throughout the nation.

In 1988 Wine Enthusiast Magazine was founded, bringing consumers vital information on the world of wine, with hundreds of wine reviews in every issue. The magazine has grown to become the world’s largest periodical for wine and spirits.

With wine consumption in the U.S. at an all-time high, more people than ever are turning to the Wine Enthusiast when they want quality accessories, custom wine racking, wine storage products, information, wine tours, wine events-in short: everything wine.

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