Robert Parker - RP

Robert Parker has a degree in Law, one of the most influent wine critics the world has ever known, has been publishing for some decades “The Wine Advocate”. This bulletin gathers over 12 thousand reviews a year and has over 50 thousand subscribers in the United States and in other international markets. His opinions have a huge impact in the consumer’s choices and in the prices suggested by the brands represented in the American market.

Parker regularly writes for other publications such as the American magazines “Food and Wine”, “Business Week” and “Forbes”; the English magazine “The Field” and the French one “L’Express”. He is the author of 14 books on wine that easily became best - sellers. Andrew Edgecliffe- Johnson, publisher of “Financial Times”, describes parker as “The most awarded palate of the world”.

In 2006, Robert Parker has invited Mark Squires to evaluate Portuguese wines in “The Wine Advocate”, acknowledging the importance of the country in the high quality wine market.

From 2014 onwards, parker has asked Mark to assess the important market of Oporto wines. Portugal is, therefore, very well represented in the extraordinarily influent Parker’s bulletin.

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