João Paulo Martins - JPM

Being one of the most famous wine critics in Portugal, João Paulo Martins has focused his expertise in this area as a journalist. Renowned writer and critic in the most important publication of the sector – “Revista de Vinhos” – he has also been publishing “Vinhos de Portugal – Notas de Prova” for 20 years, the most respected wine guide in the country.

João Paulo Martins has collaborated with several national and international publications and currently has an opinion piece in “Expresso”, the largest weekly Portuguese newspaper.

He has been, since 1998, a member of the jury in the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles”, and has been invited to several other wine competitions all over the world such as the “International Wine Challenge” in London, and others in South Africa, Brazil, Madrid and Chile.

In recent years he has also published “O Vinho em Portugal – Saberes de Ontem e Hoje”. “Tudo sobre o Vinho do Porto – Os sabores e as Histórias”, “Guias sobre Vinhos Generosos” and the gastronomical and wine Portuguese masterpiece “Portugal de Hoje à mesa”, a joint edition with Chef Vítor Sobral.

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