Decanters by Samuel Reis


"Nature suggests, I apply!". A phrase that, by itself, illustrates the creative signature and the source of inspiration of designer Samuel Reis.

Samuel is from the Algarve, born in Lagos, and graduated in Industrial Design in 2011 from ESAD in Caldas da Rainha, concluding, in the same school, the Master in Product Design three years later.



He uses nature as the root of his creative process. She likes to observe and collect things from the natural environment, with which she studies and experiments, testing different techniques. He likes to give new life to materials, making them into a new artifact. The real pleasure of the "thing" is to see, almost by magic, what comes out of nothing.

Samuel, ever since he was a little boy, has always wanted to make things. He likes tools, working with his hands. He loves to look for elements, natural forms, and with that to create objects. He attended courses in glassblowing, ceramics, and glassmaking techniques, knowledge that he combines and incorporates in his creations. 

The creation process is her focus. More than the final product. He values the process of discovery, evolving through trial and error. Therefore, each piece is a piece.

Samuel lives in Caldas da Rainha, surrounded by nature that inspires him and where he finds everything he needs for his works. Caldas da Rainha has a great tradition of ceramics, while Marinha Grande, the neighboring town, has a historic and relevant glass industry. The Leira region is the largest pine forest in Portugal, and therefore important for woodworking.

Trees are its main source of inspiration. They represent the whole cycle of life: their fruit falls, rots, leaves its seed to create a new tree and a new beginning. Samuel, with his work, continues this cycle, as he uses wood fallen from trees or material from the lumber trade or a sawmill.

From the tree material, combined with blown glass, two of his lines of creation result: "Cerne" and "entre branches".

The first, "Cerne", uses the tree trunk as a mold. From the "hollow" part of the trunk of some tree species, where degradation or even total destruction of the core is usual. In this line, Samuel uses the trunk of the carob tree as a mold for blowing glass. Thus, the resulting glass form is left to nature, leaving its impressions on the resulting bottles, vases, and jugs.



The project "between branches" aims to use the empty space between the branches of trees (acacia, pine or vine branches) as a mold for blown glass. This mold provides, through blowing, the use of free space beyond the shape delineated by the ends of the branches. From this result a number of decanter configurations of flowing or almost languid shapes, surprising, unique and original, visually captivating. "It is a piece that needs the mold to exist, just as man needs nature".

Samuel Reis is already a recognized designer for his work, exhibiting it, since 2011, in numerous group exhibitions in Portugal and around the world.

For the wine lover who uses his wine in these creations, the pleasure will result in a symbiosis between two arts modeled on nature.